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Certification of Crane Operators
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Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Retake Policy

What is the CCO policy relating to retaking exams?

Candidates who do not pass a written exam and need to retake the same exam in order to certify or recertify must wait four (4) weeks to retake the same exam.

Why can’t I test right away?

It is important that each candidate be tested fairly. This policy prevents candidates who are retesting from having an unfair advantage on an exam because they are already familiar with the content. Requiring a waiting period after a failed exam is best practice in the certification industry and utilized by most certification bodies that hold a professional accreditation.

Am I impacted if I pass the written exam?

No, the majority of candidates that take NCCCO exams pass them at the first attempt and are not affected by this policy change. Only those who don’t pass exams and need to retake that exam will be required to wait four (4) weeks before retesting.

What about the practical exams?

This change has no impact on candidates who need to retake the practical exam.

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