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Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Locations

When and where will there be a test in my area?

Paper and Pencil written exam administrations are held on demand at sites around the country. A schedule of all upcoming exams is listed on the NCCCO Test Dates and Locations page. Written exam locations are typically posted for the upcoming two to three months. You can also find a link to Open Practical Exam Sites listed alphabetically by state. Those who don’t find the exam they need in the list of Open Practical Exam Sites may want to reach out to a local Practical Examiner for Hire to inquire about upcoming practical test administration availability.

Where can I find a CBT location?

CBT testing centers are available nationwide for Written Exams (both initial and recertification) in all CCO certification programs. Find the closest PSI CBT Testing location by entering your ZIP code. Find out more about CBT.

No practical exams are listed for my area. What other options do I have?

If you do not see a practical exam administration near you, many written exam locations offer the practical exam as well. You may contact them directly to inquire about the availability of practical exams.

If you do not see an Open Test Site in your area, you may also Hire a Practical Examiner to visit your facility and administer the examination, or you can ask if they are aware of additional test sites in your area.

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