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CCO Concrete Pump Operator Certification Adds Practical Exam

May 1, 2024—Effective July 15, 2024, candidates seeking CCO certification for Concrete Pump Operators will be required to pass a practical examination as well as a written exam. This will make CCO’s the only certification from an accredited certification body that fully complies with the requirements for both written and practical certification exams in ASME B30.27: Material Placement Systems Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings. 

CPO Still 2-cropped_450xCPO practical exams may be taken on either of two classes of concrete pumps, based on the length of boom. Class 1 concrete pumps have boom lengths of 28 meters to 36 meters; Class 2 concrete pumps have boom lengths of 37 meters to 49 meters. Testing on either class pump results in the same CCO Concrete Pump Operator (CPO) certification designation, but candidates will need to specify which class of pump they will test on when they apply for their practical exams. They will also need to coordinate with the Test Site Coordinator to find out which type(s) of pumps will be available at the test site. If approved by the Test Site Coordinator, candidates may also bring their own concrete pumps to the test site so that they can use a machine with which they are already familiar.

CCO CPO certification remains valid for five years. Effective July 15, candidates will need to take both the written and practical CPO exams to earn certification. Concrete pump operators who earned CCO certification by taking the written exam only (the requirement for those certifying prior to July 15) will need to take the practical exam at recertification. The fee for the new CPO practical exam is in line with other CCO operator practical exams at $70. See what the practical exam covers in this video:

The CPO written exam is $210, and the exam may be taken via any of CCO’s written exam options: Online Proctored Testing (OPT)Test Center Testing (TCT), or Event Online Testing (EOT).

CCO certification is a nationally recognized benchmark, ensuring concrete pump operators are proficient in their assigned tasks; that is why so many employers, federal agencies, states, labor unions, industry organizations, and insurance firms have come to recognize or require CCO certification. Certification is awarded as the result of a third-party assessment process that indicates mastery of the required competencies and has ongoing requirements holders must continue to meet to maintain certification, including recertification. Many stakeholders proactively certify their operators to achieve the highest standards of concrete pump safety ensuring not just a safer work environment, but positioning their company as industry leaders.

Full CCO Concrete Pump Operator certification information—including a candidate handbook detailing the certification process, references, and sample questions—is available on CCO’s website at