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Certification of Crane Operators
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Honoring CCO Volunteers

National Volunteer Month serves as a reminder to honor the hundreds of contributors who have helped shape CCO’s portfolio.

April 5, 2023—At the core of CCO lies a network of dedicated volunteers whose tireless efforts shape the very fabric of our organization. These individuals, comprised of industry executives and subject matter experts, selflessly devote their time and expertise to drive CCO forward, making invaluable contributions that extend far beyond measure.

CCO relies heavily on industry volunteers to lead its mission forward, from the development and management of certifications to charting the course for the organization’s future direction through the Commission and Board of Directors. These volunteer positions, supported by the organizations that employ them, are unpaid yet profoundly impactful. Without their unwavering dedication, CCO would not be the esteemed organization it is today.

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Crucial to CCO’s Mission

National Volunteer Month (April) serves as a poignant reminder to express our deepest appreciation for the hundreds of volunteers who have been instrumental in shaping CCO’s industry-leading portfolio of personnel certifications over the past 29 years. These remarkable individuals, currently more than 200, collectively represent thousands of years of industry experience. Their commitment to excellence not only elevates CCO but also sets the gold standard for safety within the crane and rigging industry.

Beyond their roles on the Board and Commission, volunteers serve on 20 committees and task forces, monitoring exam performance, processing appeals, deciding the outcome of violations of the Code of Ethics, and spearheading the development of new programs for CCO exams. Their multifaceted contributions underscore their unwavering commitment to promoting safety and fostering a skilled workforce within the industry.

In a profession where workforce shortages are keenly felt across the nation, the role of volunteers cannot be overstated. Their efforts not only enhance lifting equipment safety but also address the critical need for a skilled workforce—a testament to their enduring impact on the industry's future.

Difference Makers

Thom Sicklesteel, CEO of CCO, fittingly describes these volunteers as the “Difference Makers” of our industry. Their continued support and dedication enable CCO to advance its mission of enhancing lifting equipment safety, reducing workplace risk, improving performance records, stimulating training, and providing due recognition to the professionals who work tirelessly in, with, and around load handling equipment.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Month, let us take a moment to honor and express our deepest gratitude to these extraordinary individuals who serve as the bedrock of CCO and the embodiment of excellence in the crane and rigging industry.