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CCO’s Test Center Testing (TCT) Experience

July 19, 2023—CCO is pleased to announce key elements of the new Test Center Testing (TCT) modality testing experience for candidates and testing uniformity.

CCO heard concerns relating to insufficient internet access, individuals preferring not to use their personal computers, and a preference to go to a test center. As core elements, CCO sought vendors that can deliver exams in the same format as the EOT and OPT modalities as well as vendors that have a localized presence.

The selected vendor utilizes the same testing platform as those testing via online proctored testing (OPT) and event online testing (EOT). This means that the candidate experience from scheduling exams to taking exams will be similar across all modalities. Additionally, candidates will be able to transition across modalities at no cost offering the highest level of flexibility for candidates.

In addition to operating off of the same platform between the various modalities, the selected vendor has a network of more than 700 testing facilities available across the nation, with the majority of the country having a center within 60 miles or less.

“As paper/pencil and CBT administrations sunset at the end of the year, we are pleased to be able to offer the unmatched flexibility affording by the three options of written CCO testing,” said CCO CEO, Thom Sicklesteel.

Transition to the new vendor is still being finalized and details on when candidates may start applying for and scheduling exams will be forthcoming.