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CCO Seeks Additional Spanish Bilingual Committee Members

April 19, 2023—CCO is seeking applications from qualified individuals for open positions on its Spanish Bilingual Committee. This committee is responsible for ensuring appropriate translation of documentation related to exam administrations, such as candidate applications, instructions, and key policies and procedures as well as monitoring Spanish-language versions of CCO written exams. The committee members work in conjunction with CCO staff and psychometric experts to ensure the validity and reliability of examinations. 

DJP_5629-cropped_450xCCO currently offers Spanish-language written exams for the Mobile Crane and Articulating Crane Operator certification programs to help stakeholders comply with OSHA regulations and ASME standards. The Spanish-language CCO exams are direct translations of the English-language exams, based on identical content outlines and containing the same number of questions. All exam parameters are the same as the English-language exams, including length of time permitted and passing score required.

Benefits of Serving

Volunteering to serve on a CCO has many personal and professional benefits including:

  • Giving back to the community by sharing knowledge
  • Increasing safety in all industries using load-handling equipment
  • Making your voice heard
  • Becoming a thought-leader in the industry
  • Contributing to the direction of CCO programs
  • Meeting and networking with other industry professionals

Qualifications of Applicants

Qualified applicants will:

  • Speak fluent Spanish
  • Document experience in load handling equipment-related activities
  • Align themselves with the CCO mission and bring the commitment necessary to further its goals through participation at the exam management committee level
  • Have familiarity working within a consensus-building environment, and have demonstrated understanding of, and skill working within, a committee structure
  • Exhibit proficiency in the interpersonal and communication skills required of the committee

Spanish Bilingual Committee members will be selected based on their ability to make contributions in the areas of expertise they represent. All committee members will uphold the confidentiality, assignment, and conflict of interest requirements. Note that this is a volunteer position. CCO cannot compensate committee members, nor reimburse for travel expenses. Most meetings occur virtually, but in-person meetings are held periodically.

Application Process. If you are interested in being considered for service on the Spanish Bilingual Committee, please review the Duties and Responsibilities of CCO Committees and submit your completed application packet to CCO at Deadline for receipt of applications is May 12, 2023.


Candidates must submit the following documents by close of business on May 12, 2023:


  1. Spanish Bilingual Committee members are responsible for:
    1. Assisting with translation of examinations and other examination-related materials
    2. Reviewing comments about CCO examinations translated into Spanish
    3. Providing input and insight from the industry to improve the certification program
  2. Members of all CCO committees are responsible for participating in the committee meetings to which they are appointed. Failure of committee members to participate in committee meetings may result in removal from service. 
  3. An annual review of committee members will be conducted by the Committee Chair. The primary purpose of the annual review of EMC members is to identify the committee members that have not participated (i.e., low attendance). This exercise provides the Committee Chairs an opportunity to evaluate committee members’ performance and attendance, and to recommend members for removal and replacement.
  4. Exam Committee Members may nominate individuals to serve as Alternates in their place. Alternate Committee members may attend and represent the EMC member at meetings on their behalf when, for legitimate circumstances as determined by CCO staff and the Committee Chairman, the committee member is unable to participate. Alternate EMC members may also participate in review and translation projects as requested by the committee. Alternates must complete an Alternate EMC Member Application, complete the Statement of Confidentiality, Assignment, and Conflicts of Interest form, and must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. Committee members will conduct their duties in a manner that is trustworthy and reflective of good stewardship. Committee members understand and accept their duties and responsibilities and act in good faith on behalf of CCO.
  6. Committee members shall avoid personal and professional conflicts of interest; if at any point a conflict of interest arises, the committee member shall inform the Chairperson of the committee.
  7. Committee members shall not speak or act for CCO without proper authorization.
  8. Committee members shall act fairly and be impartial in their role on behalf of and in service to CCO, its certification programs, and the public served.
  9. Committee members shall meet their obligations as detailed in the CCO bylaws as amended.