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Event Online Testing (EOT) Now Available

April 5, 2023—Event Online Testing (EOT) is now an option for those who typically take exams in a group setting. EOT permits multiple candidates to take CCO exams via computer at authorized CCO EOT testing centers. As with Online Proctored Testing (OPT)—CCO’s other new testing option—benefits of EOT include:

  • Greater flexibility in scheduling and rescheduling
  • Significantly less lead time required between application and testing
  • Immediate score reporting*
  • No late application or rescheduling fees

*Preliminary results will be available immediately. All results and test administration are subject to review and approval following standard testing protocols.

new computer lab_350xEOT appeals to training companies and employers that test groups of candidates simultaneously. In many instances, candidates are brought together at a single location to go through training and then complete testing. EOT administrations are conducted at CCO authorized test centers, dedicated facilities (such as an employer’s office or training facility) or set up at temporary locations such as hotels or other off-site locations.

At the end of 2023, CCO will be phasing out paper/pencil test (PPT) test administrations, and EOT will fully replace PPT for testing groups of people at a single location on a specified date. Other benefits of EOT over PPT include:

  • No fees for a minimum number of candidates
  • Faster test administration scheduling
  • Fewer fees (no late fees, no fee to cancel/reschedule, no fee to change between EOT and OPT)
  • Easier setup

What does EOT look like?

EOT has a similar look-and-feel to OPT. Each candidate needs a dedicated computer for the test administration. However, because of the flexibility of this modality, a candidate may be scheduled to use a computer in the morning, and a different candidate may use the same device in the afternoon.

Any supplemental material, such as load charts, reference material, or calculators, is provided within the exam on-screen. Candidates are permitted to use a small physical whiteboard or dry erase board in addition to the on-screen whiteboard in place of scratch paper. The availability of a physical whiteboard is intended to ensure the best possible testing experience.

On test day, the candidates are checked in by a Proctor who is physically present. The candidate then takes all exams they are scheduled for in succession. Following their EOT exams candidates receive their results on screen. Results are also emailed and available in their myCCO portal account.

Exam security is maintained by the physically present Proctor. In addition, exam administrations are also recorded. All candidates and the Proctor are recorded from start to finish via webcam, microphone, and screen record.

Learn more about EOT, see how the new platform works, and apply for EOT exams.

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