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Top Training Providers Commended for Support of CCO

March 15, 2023—CCO announced today the inaugural awardees of its new Training Provider Awards, awarded to those companies that help prepare the most candidates for CCO exams leading to CCO certification. These awards are indicative of the recipients’ commitment to improving safety through CCO certification.

The award program was announced last year, and the awards are based on data collected by CCO during 2022. In 2022 46,000 candidates identified a training provider, equivalent to 70% of applications received. Of the 495 unique training providers identified, the top tier had more than 7,500 candidates during the past year.

CCO 2023 TP Award pop-up_030723f copyThis year 12 companies are being recognized:

2023 Platinum Training Provider Awards:

  • International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)
  • Crane U

2023 Gold Training Provider Awards:

  • Associated Training Services
  • Stephenson Equipment, Inc.
  • Crawford Custom Consulting

2023 Silver Training Provider Awards:

  • Heavy Equipment Colleges of America
  • Crane Edge
  • Overton Safety Training, Inc.
  • Train for the Crane
  • Nationwide Crane Training
  • Crane Tech
  • Herzog Construction LLC

Awardees will be provided with a certificate of recognition as well as a welcome kit with a news release that they can use to announce their selection for this award, a special logo indicating the level of their award, and window decals that they can use on their equipment to show their commitment to safety. Companies that display their certificate of recognition or use the exclusive award logos in their promotional activities enhance their standing in the industry by demonstrating both to their clients and employees that safety is a priority. These companies are nationally recognized for their achievement on the CCO website, in the CCOnline newsletter, and in other industry media.