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Latest CCO Certification Cards Rely on QR Code for Details

January 27, 2023—CCO has improved the design of the ID cards issued to CCO certificants by removing all time-sensitive data and relying instead on the real-time data reported via the Verify CCO Online (VCO) system. As a result, those who verify certification will have access to much more accurate and up-to-date data.

Phase 2 CCO cards w sample QR code_011723a-SAMPLE front_450x+drop shadow copyAs with cards issued starting in May 2022, CCO certification cards issued beginning mid-January 2023 feature a QR code that links directly to the Verify CCO Online (VCO) system. The main difference between the 2022 cards and the 2023 cards is the newer cards no longer list the cardholder’s certification designations, issue date, or expiration date. Instead, anyone checking the card can scan the QR code with a smartphone to be taken directly to the corresponding VCO record showing the cardholder’s current certifications and their expiration dates, or they can go to VCO at and manually enter the cardholder’s CCO ID. In either case, the new cards will make it much easier and faster for stakeholders to verify that an individual currently holds the certifications required to run the specific equipment they plan to operate or perform the required job tasks.