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More Ways to Reach CCO

January 11, 2023—There’s exciting news from the CCO Customer Service Department!

We’re excited to introduce you to a virtual web chat option, affectionately named “Derrick.” Derrick can give responses to general queries and, when unable to address specific questions, will connect you with a member of our customer service team. When on the CCO website (, just click the chat icon at the bottom right corner of any page to get started and ask questions.

Alongside Derrick, we’re launching a few other features designed to make your CCO journey easier and more straightforward. If you find yourself in need of assistance, you’ll be able to connect directly with a representative by simply sending a text message to our main number: 703-560-2391.

But wait, there’s more!

If you call in and we aren’t able to get to you right away, you’ll be given the option of receiving an automatic callback from a member of our team as soon as they’re available to assist you.

These new features will enable us to better serve our candidates and stakeholders.

With these new additions to our customer service pipeline, it’s easier than ever to connect with us!