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CCO Announces New myCCO Portal, an Account Portal for All CCO Candidates and Customers

Updated myCCO portal website at is the one-stop shop to create candidate and customer accounts, apply for certification exams, and see exam results and certifications. Sets the stage for launch of new exam modalities.

November 8, 2022—On December 1, 2022, CCO will be launching a completely revamped myCCO portal for all candidates. Through the myCCO portal, candidates can provide/update their contact information, apply for CCO exams, and see recent exam results and current certifications.

Signing up with myCCO will be simple, free, and a one-time process. Each candidate will need a unique, personal email address to create an account. To ensure that CCO will be able to communicate with its candidates effectively, candidates will be asked to verify their email address during account sign up. The system will send the candidate an email from CCO providing them with a six-digit code that they will need to enter to confirm their sign-up.

Once their email is verified, the candidate will provide additional contact information to complete their profile. If the candidate has previously taken CCO exams or is certified, they will be able to provide their CCO Candidate ID and/or Certification Number to match up their record.

myCCO Portal Account 

As of December 1, 2022, all CCO candidates (new or existing) must first create their myCCO account through the portal to apply for CCO exams. This includes candidates applying for CCO exams through any of the written exam modalities (paper/pencil testing, computer-based testing, Event Online Testing, and Online Proctored Testing) as well as practical exams.

Submitting Applications on Behalf of Candidates

Any CCO customers who submit candidate applications on behalf of candidates (i.e., batch submitters) will also need to create myCCO portal accounts. To submit applications on behalf of candidates, batch submitters will need to have the CCO ID and date of birth for each candidate. Please note, as of December 1, 2022, the candidate must have a current myCCO portal account for you to submit an application on their behalf.

Previous myCCO Mobile App Users

Any candidates who created an account with the previous version of myCCO (through the mobile app) will be required to sign in and verify their email address so that they can take advantage of all the new features of myCCO. The mobile app version will still be available, but its functionality will be limited.

The Future of myCCO Portal

As the new written exam modalities roll out in 2023, more features will be added to myCCO, including email/text alert capability, access to CCO demo exams, the ability to view and download score reports, and the ability to order new CCO cards. In the new year, CCO will also have candidates submit their candidate photos and ID verification through myCCO, allowing candidates to update their photos.

CCO looks forward to supporting candidates and other stakeholders through this transition and will be creating tools and resources to assist in navigating the new processes. Should you have any questions about the changes or the new modalities, please email