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Certification of Crane Operators
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CCO Announces “CCO Cares” Initiative

July 5, 2022—CCO wants candidates and certificants to know that they are more than just a certification number. CCO understands that behind each participant in the program is a hard-working, safety-minded professional who cares deeply about the work they do. At the core, CCO knows that each certificant wants to be sure that everyone on the jobsite gets home safely to their families at the end of the day.

CCO logo CCO Cares_PMS871_063022b_250x copyCCO, and everyone on our team, understands that certification is just a small portion of a certificant’s life, an interaction that takes place once every five years. Every day certificants and candidates experience life events, both happy and sad. CCO wants to recognize those important life events with you. Whether it be a marriage, a new addition to your family, or those more difficult times, CCO feels the joy and the pain too.

CCO also wants you to know that your voice is valued as are the suggestions you bring to our organization. CCO appreciates feedback, both in the form of opportunities to improve as well as experiences that have gone well. Hearing from our stakeholders gives us the chance to make CCO even better, acknowledge outstanding team members, or make amends when something hasn’t gone as anticipated.

In the future you can expect to see gestures of acknowledgement when significant events occur. Ultimately, we just want to show that CCO cares.