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Updated Signalperson Practical Exam Effective April 1

SGP4crop_350xApril 1, 2022—A new version of the CCO Signalperson Practical Exam has been released as of April 1. This change was necessary because the previous CCO Signalperson Practical Exam used Adobe Flash animation, which Adobe stopped supporting last year and then started blocking any Flash content earlier this year.

The new exam consists of 30 scenarios of still imagery for which the candidate needs to provide the correct hand or voice signal to match the scenario. All scenarios require a single hand signal, or in the case of voice signals, the candidate is required to provide the first two elements of a voice signal (i.e., signal and distance and/or speed). All signals given must comply with OSHA Subpart CC or ASME B30.5 or ASME B30.3. Each scenario only has one correct signal and is “graded” on the demonstration of that signal, ensuring that all candidates are scored equally.

This new exam is required for both initial certification and recertification.