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Telehandler Task Force Now Set

October 12, 2020—The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is honored to announce that 26 industry experts have been selected to develop a new certification program for operators of telehandlers.

telehandler with winch_V3-cropped_400xIn response to industry efforts to comply with OSHA’s operator certification requirements, NCCCO is developing this program so that users can meet federal certification requirements and garner the same increased safety benefits that users of other load handling equipment have seen through certification.

The task force includes both experienced NCCCO contributors and new experts with more specialized knowledge, including those from unions, rental firms, training companies, construction contractors, safety consultants, insurance, and regulatory authorities:

  • Blake Barker, Applied Machinery Sales
  • Philippe Bisson, Able Equipment Rental
  • Trenton Burn, Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau
  • Andrew Bush, UT Battelle—Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Douglas Carson, Carson-Mitchell, Inc.
  • Charles Brucculeri, IUOE Local 15
  • Matthew DeShong, Bazella Group
  • Anthony Dotto
  • Matthew Eckstine, Eckstine & Associates, Inc.
  • Matt Fegenbush Pinnacle Training Solutions
  • Daniel Hoagland, Granite Construction Inc.
  • Brian Hough, Crawford Custom Consulting, Inc.
  • Howard Kaplan, Liberty Crane & Rigging Consultants
  • John Kucksdorf, Kucksdorf Consulting Services
  • Catherine Lyte, IUOE Local 3 JATC
  • Thomas McEvoy, IUOE Local 4
  • David Miles, National Crane Certification & Inspection Co.
  • Daniel Mitchell, IUOE Local Union 542 JATC
  • William Olson, Lunda Construction
  • Jennifer Sale, Safety Resources Unlimited, Inc.
  • Derek Sather, NationsBuilders Insurance Services
  • Rick Smith, JLG Industries
  • Jeffrey Stachowiak, Sunbelt Rentals
  • William Van Norstran, Cherokee Millwright
  • Philip Yow, Cal/OSHA Crane Unit
  • Doug Yuckert, Local 302 Training

Like all other certification programs that NCCCO has developed, this new Telehandler Operator program will be built according to the same strict psychometric standards that are a hallmark of all NCCCO’s certification programs, resulting in a certification process that will be fair, valid, reliable, and legally defensible.