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Spanish-Language CCO Articulating Crane Operator Written Exams Now Available

articulating_323T1422_crop_400xOctober 1, 2020—In response to numerous industry requests to serve the growing Spanish-speaking construction labor force, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is making available its CCO Articulating Crane Operator written certification exams in Spanish, effective October 1, 2020.

In compliance with OSHA Subpart CC regulations, NCCCO is releasing Spanish-language exams that are direct translations of the English-language CCO Articulating Crane Operator exams, based on identical content outlines and containing the same number of questions. All exam parameters are the same as the English-language exams, including length of time permitted and passing score required.

As with the standard exams, candidates have the option of taking one of three written exams, depending upon the certification designation(s) they are seeking. Candidates are given 90 minutes to complete each of the written examinations:

  • Articulating Boom Crane (ABC)—65 questions
  • Articulating Boom Crane w/Winch (ABW)—75 questions
  • Articulating Boom Loader (ABL)—50 questions

Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements may take either the Written Examination or the Practical Examination(s) first.

Articulating Crane Operator Certification Exam Options

If you are seeking certification for: Take the corresponding exams:
Written Practical
Articulating Boom Cranes (ABC) Articulating Boom Crane Articulating Boom Crane
Articulating Boom Loaders (ABL) Articulating Boom Loader Articulating Boom Loader
Articulating Boom Cranes w/ Winch (ABC & ABW) Articulating Boom Crane w/ Winch Articulating Boom Crane
Articulating Boom Cranes and Boom Loaders (ABC & ABL) Articulating Boom Crane Articulating Boom Crane & Articulating Boom Loader
Articulating Boom Cranes w/ Winch and Boom Loaders (ABC, ABW, & ABL) Articulating Boom Crane w/ Winch Articulating Boom Crane & Articulating Boom Loader

These crane categories apply whether the crane is mounted to a truck or a crawler chassis.

NCCCO has prepared a Spanish language supplement to the Articulating Crane Operator Candidate Handbook as well as the load charts used on the exam and an English-Spanish glossary of crane-specific terminology used in the exams to assist candidates and the training community in preparation for the certification exams.

For more information and access to all candidate and reference materials, provided in both English and Spanish, go to Spanish-language exams are initially only available as paper/pencil tests. Training providers or employers may schedule test administrations immediately using the forms at

Bilingual Expert Panel

Release of the Spanish-language CCO exams marks a massive effort of development work by NCCCO’s Spanish Technical Review Group. This panel of bilingual crane experts assisted in the process of crafting the language to ensure only “operator terminology” was used and was careful to follow international standards on the process of translating certification exams. “NCCCO is committed to maintaining the same standard for all its candidates, whether they are English-speaking or Spanish-speaking,” noted NCCCO Director of Certification & Credentialing, Bob Mahlman.

Assists with OSHA Compliance

The new Spanish-language exams are likely to provide valuable assistance to employers desiring to ensure their Spanish-speaking operators meet the OSHA 1926 CFR Subpart CC crane operator certification requirement. The OSHA crane rule allows for tests to be administered in any language the operator candidate understands, but it requires the certification card indicate the language the test was given in.

Employers must understand, however, what their obligations are for using certified operators who have tested in Spanish. According to OSHA 1926.147(h)(2), “The operator is only permitted to operate equipment that is furnished with materials required by this subpart, such as operations manuals and load charts, that are written in the language of the certification.” Further, according to OSHA 1926.1421(c), “The operator, signal person, and lift director (if there is one), must be able to effectively communicate in the language used.”

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