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NCCCO Comments on OSHA’s Proposed Crane Rule

July 5, 2018—NCCCO has reviewed OSHA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) and has presented its responses, comments, and recommendations in a 13-page letter to Loren Sweatt, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. Read the complete text of NCCCO’s comments on the Proposed Rule.

The key points highlighted in this letter cover:

  1. Proposed extension of time and delayed enforcement
  2. No exemption for cranes in the 5,000–35,000 lb. capacity range
  3. Qualifications of trainers
  4. Elimination of the requirement to certify based on capacity of crane
  5. Retention of the requirement to have testing procedures for recertification
  6. OSHA’s proposal to have operators “deemed certified” under certain circumstances
  7. Qualifications of evaluators
  8. NCCCO’s recommendation that evaluators be precluded from acting as trainers
  9. OSHA’s proposal to allow “substantially different” determinations
  10. Apparent typographical error in paragraph (f)(5)

For additional history on OSHA’s Crane Rule, see NCCCO’s OSHA Crane Rule Resource Center.