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CCO Certificants Obtain PA Crane Operator Licenses

July 2011 - More than 90% of the licenses so far issued to crane operators in Pennsylvania are to CCO-certified operators, the Pennsylvania State Board of Crane Operators has reported.

Pennsylvania began accepting applications for its state crane operator license late last year, and already more than 1450 licenses have been issued, with another 300 applications pending. By law, license applicants must be certified by an accredited national certification body, such as NCCCO.

NCCCO continues to work closely with the Board to verify the certification status of each applicant. “We are very pleased with the working relationship that we’ve developed with NCCCO,” said Penny Walker, Board Administrator, “and NCCCO has been very supportive, enabling the new process to run smoothly.”

For information on how to apply for a Pennsylvania Crane Operator License, click on “Pennsylvania” on NCCCO’s State Licensing Requirements web page.