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Online Proctored Testing (OPT)

Online Proctored Testing (OPT) allows candidates to take CCO written exam(s) online using their own internet-connected computer from almost anywhere, 24/7/365! Benefits of OPT include:

  • Greater flexibility in scheduling and rescheduling
  • Immediate score reporting*
  • No late application or rescheduling fees

* Preliminary results will be available immediately. All results and test administration are subject to review and approval following standard testing protocols.

What Does OPT Look Like?

Candidates take exams via a computer in a private, well-lit room with a door and that is void of any materials (i.e., electronic devices, books, papers, etc.) on the table or desk.

Exams that require supplements (e.g., load charts) or calculators will have these available on-screen. The exam also has a white board enabled which takes the place of scratch paper.

Through the myCCO Portal, candidates soon will have access to a demo exam at no cost. This demo exam is intended to provide a test simulation experience. Candidates have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with how to navigate through the exam and utilize the on-screen tools including:

  • Answering questions
  • Navigating through questions
  • Using a calculator
  • View and navigate supplements
  • Utilize the whiteboard
  • Record notes
  • Highlight and strike through text
  • Mark items for review
  • Provide comments on questions or the exam

OPT Computer Requirements

OPT exams may be taken on any laptop or desktop computer that meets minimum technical requirements. In order to test via OPT, the computer must be equipped with:

  • A microphone
  • A webcam

Want to check to see if your computer meets requirements? Click here.

Note that OPT is not supported on smartphones, tablets/iPads, or Chromebooks.

How to Apply

  1. Go to and login or register for an account.
  2. Once logged in, submit an online application and pay for the exam(s).
  3. Submit your application no less than 2 business days prior to testing.
  4. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a scheduling authorization email. Exams you’ve been approved to take will show in the myCCO Portal and Mobile App as Upcoming Exams.
  5. Scheduling will be completed in the myCCO Portal by clicking “Schedule or Manage My EOT/OPT Exams.”
  6. Once scheduled, you will receive a CCO appointment confirmation


Fees for all exams as well as any related fees can be found at

Scheduling Exams

OPT exams can be scheduled as early as January 9, 2023. Candidates may schedule exams at their convenience 24/7/365. Log onto the myCCO Portal and click “Schedule or Manage My EOT/OPT Exams.” Exams must be scheduled at least 15 minutes prior to desired test time but may be scheduled up to six months prior to testing.

Rescheduling, Cancellation, or Withdrawal

  • Candidates may reschedule or cancel their exam appointment at no cost up to 30 minutes prior to the exam start time.
  • Cancellation of an exam appointment in done online by logging into the myCCO Portal and click “Schedule or Manage My EOT/OPT Exams.”
  • Candidates who scheduled testing through OPT are able to cancel and reschedule through EOT if they so choose, at no additional cost. (See EOT for scheduling instructions.)
  • Candidates who decide not to take exams, or do not test within six months of application submission will forfeit their fees.