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Articulating Crane Operator

Written Exam - Sample Question Answers

Following are the answers to the Articulating Crane Operator Written Exam sample test questions:

  1. The numbers shown on the crane’s load chart are:
    1. Gross capacity
  1. If no load chart is available for the type of lift to be performed, you should:
    1. Not perform the lift at all
  1. Whenever the stabilizers are not visible to the operator during extending or setting, the operator must:
    1. Be assisted by another person
  1. What do the letters "OLP" stand for as they relate to articulated cranes?
    1. Overload protection
  1. When is it acceptable to load an articulating crane beyond the rated load?
    1. Only while operating for load test purposes
  1. What is the net capacity at a radius of 41 ft. when lifting directly over the front of the truck, given the load charts and crane configuration below?
    Alternative Boom Crane Work Area Load Chart
    Truck Configuration:
    Crane A
    Stabilizer—Drive Side:
    Fully Extended 
    Stabilizer—Passenger Side:
    Fully Extended
    Attachment Weight:
    Attachment Capacity:
    Rigging Weight:
    250 lb.
    Manual Extension:

    1. 1,070 lb.