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Committed to Crane Safety through CCO Certification

Program Information

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is pleased to host its Committed to Crane Safety Employer Recognition Program. This program was created to recognize the time, effort, and dedication to safety that employers demonstrate by certifying their crane operators, signalpersons, and riggers through NCCCO.

Companies that participate in this recognition program enhance their standing by demonstrating to their clients, potential clients, and employees that safety through CCO certification is a priority. Companies that achieve recognition are nationally recognized for their commitment on the NCCCO website, in the CCOnline newsletter, and in other industry media.

Any company, regardless of size, that employs CCO-certified operators, riggers, and/or signalpersons is eligible to apply for the Committed to Crane Safety program. For complete program information please click here.

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