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  • ANSI Accredits CCO Lift Director and Service Truck Crane Operator Certifications
    NCCCO has announced it has been awarded accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for its CCO Lift Director and CCO Service Truck Crane Operator programs. This brings to 11 the number of CCO certifications that ANSI has accredited.
  • New NCCCO Practical Exam Candidate Videos Now Available
    NCCCO has released revised editions of its CCO Practical Exam candidate videos for Mobile Crane Operators, Tower Crane Operators, and Overhead Crane Operators.
  • Signalperson, Rigger Level I, and Rigger Level II Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshops Scheduled
    NCCCO is pleased to announce the following Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshops to be held in Woodland, WA:
       • Signalperson to be held April 27, 2015
       • Rigger Level I to be held April 28–29, 2015
       • Rigger Level II to be held April 30–May 1, 2015
  • NCCCO Assists Returning Veterans, Serving Military
    NCCCO has received continued approval from the VA for providing Certified Crane Operator Examinations to veterans as specified under Section 122 of the Veterans Benefits and Health Care Improvement Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-419).
  • VCO Online Verification an Outstanding Success
    Less than two years after becoming available, more than 4,000 individuals representing over 2,700 organizations have registered to use NCCCO’s “Verify CCO Online” (or “VCO”) system, an average of about 170 new users a month.
  • NCCCO Teams Up With SC&RA, KHL for Careers Promotion Event
    Lift & Move USA will promote careers in the U.S. crane, rigging and specialized transport industries.
  • NCCCO Marks 20 Years of Providing Crane Operator Certification Services to Industry
    Two Decades On, Crane-Related Death and Serious Injury Significantly Reduced
    The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) today announced the 20th anniversary of its professionally developed and nationally accredited personnel certification programs.
  • Bridging the Certification Gap
    Tappan Zee Constructors is requiring CCO certification for operators and riggers.
  • Visit NCCCO at World of Concrete
    Be sure to stop by NCCCO's booth (N2468) at the World of Concrete, to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on February 3-6, 2015.
  • NCCCO Developing Pile Driving Rig Operator Certification
    In partnership with the Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA), NCCCO is developing a new certification for dedicated pile driving rig operators.
  • NCCCO Elects New Commissioners
    NCCCO has elected two new Commissioners and re-elected a further three to its Commission.
  • OSHA Delays Operator Certification: What Now?
    OSHA recently announced it was postponing its requirement for crane operators to be certified until 2017. We asked NCCCO President Thom Sicklesteel what this means for employers, as well as for those already holding certifications.
  • NCCCO Joins Coalition Calling on OSHA to Fix Crane Operator Certification Requirements
    Coalition for Crane Operator Safety says lack of effective requirements is jeopardizing jobsite safety, hindering the construction industry and creating compliance issues.
    NCCCO has joined nine other leading construction industry organizations to call on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to correct and reissue long-awaited crane operator certification requirements.
  • NCCCO Commissioners Gather for 37th Biannual Meeting
    More than 70 Commissioners and guests gathered in Baltimore on October 17 to get updates on the latest CCO certification program developments, the federal OSHA operator certification delay, and Committee recommendations.
  • OSHA Extends Compliance Date for Crane Operator Certification Requirements
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration just issued a final rule extending the deadline for crane operator certification requirements in the Cranes and Derricks in Construction final rule published Aug. 9, 2010, by three years to Nov. 10, 2017. The rule also extends by three years the employer’s responsibility to ensure that crane operators are competent to operate a crane safely. The final rule becomes effective Nov. 9, 2014.
    View OSHA News Bulletin (9/25/14)View Top Ten FAQs about OSHA Crane Rule Delay
    Visit NCCCO's OSHA Crane Rule Reopening Resource Center

  • NCCCO Auditors Complete Annual Training
    NCCCO Practical Exam Auditors recently completed their annual training as mandated by NCCCO’s quality assurance program. The Practical Exam Auditor Program is designed to ensure that all certification examinations are delivered in a standardized manner that is fair to all candidates, while remaining psychometrically valid and reliable.
  • Online Directory of Certified Crane Inspectors Established
    As more and more crane inspectors around the country are realizing the benefit of having their knowledge and skills recognized through a nationally accredited and recognized certification program, NCCCO has established an online directory of CCO-certified crane inspectors.
  • Certificant Misconduct Leads to Disciplinary Action
    Unsafe operations, illicit drug use, forgery, and fraud are just four of the ways that CCO-certified crane operators who flout the rules can learn first-hand how the NCCCO disciplinary program works and how, for varying amounts of time—up to and including lifetime bans—they can be deprived of their certification.
  • Billboard Leader Embraces CCO Certification
    Reflecting the increasing growth and importance of the CCO Signalperson and Rigger certification programs, 16 employees of Lamar Advertising attended Signalperson and Rigger Level I practical examiner accreditation workshops in Pittsburgh, PA, in July.
  • CCO Crane Inspector Certification Benefits Contractors
    Crane inspector certification continues to gather pace around the country as an increasing number of crane owners and general contractors recognize the benefit of having the skills and knowledge of the personnel inspecting their cranes independently evaluated by a third-party, nationally accredited certification organization.
  • NCCCO Launches New Boom Truck Operator Certification Program
    NCCCO recently made available the first phase of a new CCO certification program specifically designed for boom truck operators. The new CCO Boom Truck—Fixed Cab (BTF) operator certification is a subcategory of the CCO Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab (TSS) certification and was developed specifically for the industries that use these machines such as building supplies, HVAC, sign installation, and tree maintenance.
  • CCO Certified: 100,000 and Counting
    CCO certification reached a historic milestone in May when the 100,000th person to be certified through the nationally accredited program since its launch in April 1996 received his certification card.
  • "Committed to Crane Safety" a Hit with Employers
    More than 60 employers—including more than 10 just in the past few months—have now been recognized by NCCCO for their commitment to crane safety through their hiring of CCO-certified crane operators, riggers, and/or signalpersons.
  • Power Line Safety Card Is Handy Reference
    NCCCO is making available Power Line Safety cards to help operators understand and apply federal OSHA’s new guidelines for operating cranes around power lines.
  • New eSubmit System Speeds Up Certification
    NCCCO has introduced a new system for submitting CCO practical exam score sheets electronically that expedites the scoring and certification process.
  • What Does It Mean to be CCO-certified?
    A certified crane operator is not necessarily CCO-certified. Only NCCCO can provide the widely adopted and recognized CCO certification. While there are other companies that seek to certify crane operators, only one organization—the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)—provides CCO certification. For nearly twenty years, successful completion of the CCO certification requirements has informed the world that a crane operator is certified to NCCCO's high standards. Both "NCCCO" and "CCO" are federally registered trademarks owned by NCCCO and used in connection with education testing and certification. Learn more about CCO certification.

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