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Committed to Crane Safety Employer Profile: Turner Industries Group


August 2016—As an original contributor to, and supporter of, NCCCO going back to its formation in 1995, Turner Industries Group, L.L.C., continually strives for total incident elimination and is steadfast in a value system that ensures its employees can execute their duties and responsibilities in a safe and successful manner.

“Safety cannot just be a priority for us, because priorities change,” said Roland M. Toups, chairman and CEO, Turner Industries. “At Turner Industries a culture of safety is built into everything we do.”

“Providing our clients with highly trained and CCO-certified crane operators has contributed to Turner Industries’ overall safety effort,” explained Turner Manager, Ellis Vliet. “Our clients expect a crane company to bring not only the equipment with the most current technology but also an experienced team of CCO-certified crane operators. Participation in the Committed to Crane Safety Employer Recognition Program is therefore a natural fit for us.” Vliet also serves as Chairman of the NCCCO Commission.

Turner’s operators also know the value of CCO certification; to them, it has become a “pride” issue, said Vliet, especially since they are acutely aware of how rigorous and challenging CCO certification exams can be. “They see that, as a result of the broad adoption of CCO certifications, the entire crane industry has become safer,” he says, “and will continue as NCCCO expands the range of programs it offers.”

Turner Industries Group builds, maintains, and services the nation’s heavy industrial sector, supporting the companies that produce fuel, energy, and essential products. Turner Industries has been consistently ranked by Engineering News-Record (ENR) as the nation’s top maintenance contractor, and has been recognized by such industry associations as The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA), the Gulf Coast Safety Council (GCSC), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), and the Houston Business Roundtable.