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Committed to Crane Safety Employer Profile: Deep South Crane & Rigging


April 2016Deep South Crane & Rigging, headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, employs over 130 crane operators who are CCO-certified as a requirement for employment, as well as more than 30 CCO-certified riggers.

As a result of its commitment to CCO certification, and its membership in NCCCO’s Employer Recognition Program, Deep South has been able to take advantage of numerous opportunities to work at facilities that require CCO- certified operators.

“CCO certification has created a standard by which we can measure our operators’ knowledge and skill,” said Deep South’s Houston Operations Manager Kerry Hulse. “We’ve also found CCO certification to be a highly valuable risk- management tool and that, by employing CCO-certified operators, we have a level of confidence about a new operator’s knowledge and skill.”

Additionally, actively promoting its commitment to CCO certification has favorably impacted Deep South’s marketing efforts since it demonstrates to others the investment made in the training required for their operators to work safely. “There’s also no doubt that CCO-certified operators and riggers have a higher level of professional pride than non-certified personnel,” said Hulse.


Since 1968 Deep South Crane & Rigging has provided its customers unique solutions for their complex challenges. As an international, full-service company, Deep South seeks to combine the best tools with the best talent to offer a range of services from bare crane rental to turnkey heavy lift and transport solutions. Family-owned and operated since its inception, Deep South still puts a premium on personal service and, above all, safety—and CCO certification plays a central role in that commitment.

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