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CCO Announces Plans for CONEXPO 2023

CECA-Logo-Color_300xNovember 8, 2022—Coming on the heels of numerous new initiatives announced in 2022, CONEXPO 2023 will provide an excellent opportunity to get up to speed on what’s new at CCO. The event—the largest construction show in North America—will be held March 14–18, 2023, in Las Vegas, NV. Once again, CCO’s presence will be felt across the show, from the information booth in the Grand Lobby, to written and practical exams, Practical Proctor training and credentialing, Practical Exam Proctor Program workshops, and numerous crane-and-rigging related educational seminars.

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Information Booth

The CCO information booth (GL-10882) will provide attendees with an opportunity to get up to speed on all of CCO’s recent initiatives. Attendees will also get to see the future of CCO testing. CCO staff will be on hand to help attendees set up their myCCO accounts, register for exams, and get acquainted with the new exam delivery software. Attendees can also schedule meetings with CCO staff using the CONEXPO website.

CCO Written Certification Exams

New candidates and existing certificants alike will have an opportunity to take a wide variety of ANAB-accredited and OSHA-compliant CCO written, practical, and recertification exams. And, thanks to CCO’s Visit CONEXPO—Leave CCO Certified program featuring onsite scoring and immediate test results, successful candidates will be able to walk away from the event knowing they are CCO-certified.

Written certification and recertification exams for all CCO certifications will be offered using CCO’s new Event Online Testing (EOT) option for testing on Wednesday, March 15, and Friday, March 16.

CCO Practical Certification Exams

Out back, CCO will have several pieces of equipment made available for attendees to take operator practical exams from Wednesday, March 15, to Friday, March 17. Attendees may schedule practical exams on the Telescopic Boom Crane--Swing Cab, Telescopic Boom Crane--Fixed Cab, as well as on a Telehandler! Indoors, CCO will offer the Signalperson and Rigger Level I practical exams on Wednesday, March 15, and Thursday, March 16.

Practical Exam Proctor Program (PEPP) Workshops

Those interested in becoming new Practical Exam Proctors will be able to take advantage of a unique arrangement by which they will receive the necessary training and then get audited at the show for no additional charge. This will provide a significant convenience for new Practical Exam Proctors or those wishing to add credentials in new programs.

As a result, new and existing Practical Proctors can earn credentials at the show. CCO is also pleased to be able to offer the first two new Telehandler programs to the public at the show!

  • Mobile Crane Practical Exam Proctor Program workshop: March 8–10
  • Mobile Crane Audits: March 11–13
  • Telehandler Practical Exam Proctor Program workshop: March 9–11
  • Telehandler Practical Exam Proctor Program workshop: March 18–20
  • Signalperson Practical Exam Proctor Program workshop: March 18
  • Rigger Level I Practical Exam Proctor Program workshop: March 19–20
  • Signalperson and Rigger Audits: March 21–22

Educational Seminars—Cranes, Rigging & Aerial Lift track:

  • Crane 101: Understanding crane basics like crane working principles, rigging basics, ground pressure stability, and crane selection will give relevant site personnel a competitive advantage and mitigate the uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of how to best make cranes work for you and your operation.
  • Qualifications of Onsite Personnel for Cranes: A comprehensive road map will be provided to ensure that you are in compliance with OSHA requirements and the latest industry (ASME) standards.
  • Best Practices for Oversized Cranes & Specialized Carrier Permits: Best practices and resources will be offered for ensuring your loads and equipment arrive safely and on time, especially when the different rules and regulations at every border become overwhelming for even the most seasoned operators.
  • Crane Lift Planning Essentials: Start Every Lift by Addressing These Questions: This session will cover the foundations of successful lift planning, the principles applying to load weight, center of gravity, rigging methods, and lift and set sequences. Come prepared to interact, as this session will challenge attendees to reason through lifting scenarios.
  • Lifting Load Effects on Elevated Structures: Learn about load effects impacting elevated structures and decks, bridges, and underground facilities (utilities, vaults, foundations, etc.), including host structure stability and integrity, during lifting (cranes, gantries, etc.) and horizontal movement (SPMT, slide jacking, etc.) activities.
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform Supervisor Training: OSHA regulations and ANSI standards required qualified people to perform work tasks. None are more important than supervisors of Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operators.
  • Crane Analytics: The Operator Is Responsible for 99% of All Accidents. Or Are They?
    Get up to speed on the latest accident data associated with ASME responsible parties of crane lifts, see how the Crane Safety Research Lab advances the latest technologies, and learn about the next level of emerging gaming technologies for crane operator training to increase operator competency levels.
  • Best Practices for Inspecting & Connecting Rigging: Attendees will leave with a better idea of what to look for, including documentation requirements on hoists, slings, and hardware; we will also dive into marking requirements on hardware and slings, including common misconceptions.
  • Crane Accident Prevention and Management - Why Do Crane Accidents Happen? And How Do You Manage This?
  • The Why and How of Load Testing for Cranes: This session details the reasons for performing load tests on mobile cranes, which include verifying the accuracy of an LMI/RCL system, verifying stability, and verifying a structural or load handling component repair.
  • Crane Contracts -- Don't lose 100's of Thousands Over One Wrong Word
    One word can change the outcome of claims cost during a trial or mediation. Listen in as our speaker reviews how one word in your contract/work ticket can negatively impact the settlement of a claims case.
  • 15 Things to Prepare for Tower Crane Success on Your Site: This session will review items that need to be considered prior to installing a tower on any jobsite. We will review items that are commonly missed in preparation and that can cause lengthy job delays.

We look forward to seeing you at CONEXPO 2023!