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Certification of Crane Operators
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CCO Announces Call for Applicants for Commission

September 16, 2022—The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO) is soliciting applications from qualified individuals to fill four open positions on its Commission. The following positions are to be filled:

Position #




Government/Regulatory (Non-Voting)

1/1/2023 – 6/30/2025



1/1/2023 – 6/30/2023



1/1/2023 – 6/30/2024


Government/Regulatory (Non-Voting)

1/1/2023 – 6/30/2024

Function of the CCO Commission. CCO offers accredited personnel certifications for individuals involved in load handling and load handling related operations. The organization’s 28 certification designations across 13 programs provide the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of personnel certifications available. The Commission makes policy recommendations and oversees the activities of Exam Management Committees as designated by the CCO Board of Directors.

Qualifications of Applicants. Qualified applicants will be able to align themselves with the CCO mission and bring the commitment necessary to further its goals through participation at this level of governance. Successful applicants will be able to document extensive managerial and supervisory experience in load handling equipment-related activities in construction and/or general industry. They will be accustomed to working within a committee consensus-building environment, and have demonstrated understanding of, and skill working within, a committee structure. Applicants will also exhibit proficiency in the interpersonal and communication skills required of committee work and shall have documented experience with the sector identified for the position. Selection of Commissioners includes consideration of the business of the employer, if any, who supports the Commissioner’s participation, as well as the type of the experience or expertise the individual brings to the Commission, to maintain a proper balance.

Application Process. If you are interested in being considered for service on the Commission, please review the Duties and Responsibilities of CCO Commissioners (see below) and submit your completed application packet (see below) to the Chairman, CCO Commission, in care of the Chief Executive Officer at Deadline for receipt of applications is October 10, 2022. The Commission will consider applications and elect Commissioners at its meeting on October 21, 2022.


Candidates must submit the following documents by close of business on October 10, 2022:

  • Completed Commissioner Application Form
  • Current resume
  • A signed copy of the Agreement of Confidentiality, Assignment and Conflicts of Interest (included with application form, above)


  1. Commissioners shall attend meetings and perform all committee assignments and other duties as required. Absent an accepted excuse, Commissioners must attend at least 50% of the Commissioners meetings during any two-year period.
  2. Each Commissioner shall appoint an Alternate for the term of the Commissioner, subject to approval by the Commissioners, to attend meetings and act for the Commissioner during his or her absence. The Alternate must satisfy the sector category in which the corresponding Commissioner is seated.
  3. Commissioners are responsible for learning and understanding the mission and purpose of CCO certifications.
  4. Commissioners are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with CCO policies and procedures and governance documents. Commissioners shall respect the confidentiality of written and verbal communications and shall maintain the confidentiality of documents and information they receive in the course and scope of their service. Commissioners shall sign a current Agreement of Confidentiality, Assignment and Conflicts of Interest as a condition of service.
  5. Commissioners shall avoid personal and professional conflicts of interest; if at any point a conflict of interest arises, the Commissioner shall inform the Chairperson of the Commission.
  6. Commissioners shall not speak or act for CCO without proper authorization.
  7. Commissioners shall act fairly and be impartial in their role on behalf of and in service to CCO, its certification programs, and the public served.
  8. Commissioners shall meet their obligations as detailed in the CCO bylaws as amended.
  9. Pursuant to Article IX of the CCO bylaws, if a Commissioner no longer satisfies the category in which he or she was elected, for any reason, then his or her resignation shall be deemed to have been tendered and accepted, vacating the Commissioner seat in that category. Such a Commissioner will not be precluded from serving as a Commissioner or Alternate in an appropriate category.
  10. A Commissioner may serve as a liaison to a specific organization provided that it is approved by the Commission and confirmed by the organization upon initial appointment.
  11. Commissioners may be appointed to serve on other committees of CCO. In general, it is the policy of CCO to encourage strongly that each Commissioner serve on at least one committee.