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​Overhead Crane Operator

​Written Exam - Sample Question Answers

Following are the answers to the Overhead Crane Operator Written Exam sample test questions:

  1. Creating a braking motion by applying energy to reverse the motor is called:
    1. Plugging
  2. A hook’s opening is called its:
    1. Throat
  3. The OSHA CFR 29 standard relating to slings is:
    1. 1910.184
  4. ASME B30.2 standards:
    1. Guide U.S. government and other regulatory bodies on overhead crane criteria
  5. According to ASME B30.20, below-the-hook lifting devices shall be operated by:
    1. Trained persons
  6. The weight markings must be identified on a structural or mechanical below-the-hook lifting device if the weight exceeds:
    1. ​100 lb.