National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
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Practical Exam Testing

Welcome National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) Candidates!

Thank you for your interest in practical exam testing with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). Please read and understand the corresponding NCCCO Candidate Handbook prior to applying to take the exam. Download NCCCO Candidate Handbooks here.

Please Note:

Scheduling an NCCCO Rigger or Signalperson Practical Exam is a very straightforward process that must be done directly through an NCCCO-accredited Practical Examiner; please follow the steps outlined below to schedule your practical exam appointment:

  1. Find an NCCCO Practical Examiner in your area. Review NCCCO’s official Practical Examiner Directory to find a Practical Examiner accredited to administer the exam you want to take.
  2. Schedule a practical exam appointment. Contact the Practical Examiner directly to coordinate an appointment to take the practical exam.
  3. Arrive for the scheduled appointment. With the additional instructions provided to you by the Practical Examiner, arrive on the day of the appointment and the Practical Examiner will administer the exam.
If you have additional questions regarding the practical exam process, please contact NCCCO via email or by phone at (703) 560-2391.