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Rigger Handbooks & Manuals

NOTE: You must have Acrobat Reader to view the following PDF files. Click on the icon on the right to download Acrobat Reader. After you download and install Acrobat Reader, return to this page and click on the links below.

Please select the handbooks or manuals you wish to download. All candidates should receive a copy of the entire Candidate Handbook before applying. Test Site Coordinators should familiarize themselves with the entire contents of the Test Site Coordinator Handbook prior to scheduling an examination.

If you have trouble downloading any of the following materials, please contact NCCCO.

Rigger Handbooks and Manuals

The Rigger Candidate Handbook contains policies and procedures of certification, outlines of exams, information on recertification as well as the forms required to register for an exam. All candidates are REQUIRED to review this handbook and indicate that they have done so by their signature on the application.

The Test Site Coordinator Handbook contains information on hosting Rigger certification exams at your facility. The handbook covers the requirements of a facility and host; the roles of the Practical Examiner, Chief Examiner, and Test Site Coordinator; the Test Site Coordinator Agreement and information on submitting forms to hold an exam. Each Test Site Coordinator MUST review the handbook and attest to that fact by signing and returning to NCCCO the Test Site Coordinator Agreement.

This manual is a reference source for candidates preparing for the CCO Rigger certification exams. The material has not been created by NCCCO but has been compiled from different sources. This manual should not be used for any purpose other than preparation for CCO exams.

This reference booklet has been produced and adapted from various manufacturers' data and is for use in CCO Written Examinations.