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Written Exam

Scheduling Options

CCO written examinations are offered on demand at sites nationwide. In addition to the “open” written test sites available (click here for a list), employers and organizations may host CCO exams at their facilities.

Full scheduling information is available in the Written Examination Test Site Coordinator Handbook for the appropriate certification program.

The Test Site Coordinator (TSC) must submit to International Assessment Institute (IAI) a completed Written Test Administration Request (using either online or paper form) at least four weeks prior to the desired test date. Once the request has been approved, IAI will email to the TSC a letter of confirmation of approval as an NCCCO Test Site. The email will include a test administration number that must be included on candidate applications and instructions on how to proceed with the candidate applications.

Regular Schedule

For Test Sites that provide International Assessment Institute a Written Test Site Application Request Form at least four weeks prior to the desired test date, with a guarantee of at least 15 candidates, there is no administrative fee.

Later Test Site Applications

Test Sites may apply with less than four weeks notice subject to the following fees:

  • Less than four weeks to three weeks prior to exam: $200
  • Less than three weeks to two weeks prior to exam: $300

Test Sites with Less than 15 Candidates

Test Sites may test fewer than 15 candidates at one time, subject to the following fees:

  • 11–14 candidates: $200 flat fee plus candidate fees
  • 1–10 candidates: $300 flat fee plus candidate fees