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Practical Exam

Criteria for Test Sites

Facilities wishing to volunteer as Practical Exam Sites must meet all CCO criteria for hosting a Practical Exam. If the facility meets the stated criteria, CCO will provide all necessary information to allow tests to be scheduled.

Each practical test site facility must arrange to have on site:

  • A designated Test Site Coordinator
  • An NCCCO-accredited Practical Examiner
  • Designated Proctor(s) to assist the Practical Examiner during testing
  • Cranes that meet NCCCO requirements for the Practical Exam (see "Crane Selection and Setup" in appropriate Practical Test Site Coordinator Handbook)
  • An outside area suitable for testing on the cranes selected and ancillary equipment necessary for conducting the exam (see "Test Site Setup")
  • An indoor facility suitable for the Pre-Test Briefing of exam candidates and a waiting area

In addition, Practical Test Sites must pay a $50 registration fee at the time of application. On or before the first practical test of each calendar year thereafter, Practical Test Sites must pay a $50 fee to remain registered. Employers or organizations with more than one test site must pay a fee for each site. Candidate Score Sheets from exams conducted at Practical Test Sites that have not paid the $50 annual fee will not be processed.