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Practical Exam

Candidate Eligibility

For most CCO certifications, candidates must pass a Written Exam and a Practical Exam in the category they wish to be certified in. Candidates have 12 months after the pass the first exam (Written or Practical) in which to take the corresponding Written or Practical Exam in the same category. Candidates may take their Written and Practical Exams in any order. For example, a candidate passing the Written Exams (Core + Specialty) in the Telescopic Crane—Swing Cab (TLL) category would have 12 months to pass the Telescopic Crane—Swing Cab (TLL) Practical Exam.

Candidates who have passed the Written Exam must provide the Test Site Coordinator with a copy of a score report or certification card.

Note that no Practical Exam is required for either the Crane Inspector or the Lift Director CCO certifications; instead, practical scenarios are included in the written exams.