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Commissioner Spotlight: Roger "Skip" Ohman, Jr.

Roger 'Skip Ohman, Jr.Roger “Skip” Ohman, Jr. has been involved in the rigging and lifting business since 1974, when he joined The Crosby Group as an engineer. For four years, until 1987, he managed the American Crane plant in Wilmington, NC.  As Director of Business Development at Crosby, Skip continues to be involved in the application and inspection of rigging gear to promote crane safety. Because Crosby promotes the safe use of rigging with cranes, he has been involved with NCCCO since its inception as not only a supporter but also a sponsor. “NCCCO has created a proactive atmosphere for change and has increased industry's awareness of the need for training and verification of knowledge of operators and riggers,” Ohman says.  He brings to the Commission a “rigging-centric” view that complements the other Commission members and “rounds out the total picture.” When he gets a rare moment at home, Skip enjoys boating and spending time with his family.

Skip Ohman resigned his seat on the NCCCO Commission in April 2014.