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Commissioner Spotlight: Charles SagerCharles Sager

Charles Sager is a Site Lift Specialist with ExxonMobil near Houston, TX, and he brings to the Commission more than 27 years of experience in crane operation and rigging. At ExxonMobil he’s in charge of not only all the company’s crane operators on site but also those brought in by contractors. And as a CCO certified crane operator himself, he sees the real-world difference in operator capabilities between those operators that have been trained and certified and those that haven’t. He regards CCO as the best quality certification available, and he became a Commissioner to show his—and ExxonMobil’s—support for the nationwide certification of operators. “I would like to do whatever I can to help the crane and rigging industry be a safer place to work,” he says. “I want to help develop standards and guidelines toward the mitigation of incidents, injuries, and property damage due to crane and rigging failures.” He sees that NCCCO has had a significant impact on industry safety because CCO certification has reduced incidents and injuries. “Because the CCO exams are so stringent, they make good operators better and help weed out the less qualified,” he notes. When time allows, Charles enjoys getting out with his family on their 32 ft. sailboat and exploring the Gulf.

Mr. Sager resigned from the NCCCO Commission in April 2014.