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Lift Safety Zone a Big Hit at ICUEE 2013

LSZ logo from ICUEE 2013NCCCO reprised its popular Lift Safety Zone (LSZ) as part of its largest presence ever at this year’s International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), held October 1-3, 2013, in Louisville, KY, and attended by more than 17,500 utility industry representatives.

The LSZ featured live demonstrations of the CCO practical exams designed specifically to meet the needs of the utility industry, including the Digger Derrick Operator (DDO), Articulating Crane Operator (ACO), and new Service Truck Operator (STC) certification programs, as well as those for Rigger Level I and Level II certifications.

At the end of the show, winners of die-cast models of an Altec digger derrick and boom truck crane were drawn from all entries received. Barbi Burke of McCall, Idaho, won the Altec digger derrick model and Randy Presley of Greenbrier, Arkansas, won the Altec boom truck model.


by Paul Knapp | 16 Oct, 2013


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